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Capacities up to 56 000 kW

PRIOR Air Register Burners are available in gas, light oil, heavy oil and dual fuel versions for applications up to 56 000 kW. This range of burners, built to ISO 9001 standards of quality control, has been designed to provide performance for high output applications, at minimal economic and environmental cost. Our highly experienced Combustion Engineers are available to analyse your application, then design a system customized to meet your specific requirements and expectations.

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Technical Characteristics:

  • Gas Versions: Suitable for Natural Gas and LPG, with a minimum supply pressure of 25kPa
  • Light Oil versions: Maximum Viscosity: 1.5°E at 20°C
  • Heavy Oil Versions: Maximum Viscosity of 60°E at 50°C
  • Standard burners are supplied with mechanical atomization. For high viscosity oils, steam or compressed air atomizing models are also available
  • Combustion Air temperature for standard burners is a maximum of 60°C. Special versions are also available for pre-heated combustion air with temperatures up to 250°C
  • Low NOx versions are available on request
  • Dual Fuel burners are available for either alternate or simultaneous firing, with electrically controlled automatic changeover
  • Ship’s execution versions are available, built to the highest standards, such as Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
  • Standard burner turn-down is 4:1, although higher turn-down versions are available on request
  • Burner modulation is controlled by a servomotor with variable profile cam, which adjusts both combustion air and fuel flow. Optimal combustion efficiency is maintained via the PID electronic adjustment system


PRIOR Air Register Burners are suitable for use with any type of combustion chamber, as the flame shape can be adjusted using air vanes. This capability provides flexible solutions for applications such as Power Station Boilers, Fluidized Bed Boilers, Start Up Burners, Kilns, Process Furnaces, Hot Gas Generators and Rotary Dryers.

Scope of Supply:

All burners are supplied complete including:

  • Steel case complete with flange and gasket
  • High temperature flame tube
  • Air/fuel mixing and combustion head
  • Vanes for adjustment of flame shape
  • Servo motors
  • Pilot with valve train
  • Flame scanner
  • Air Pressure Switch
  • Terminal strip
  • Burner controls (to customer specification)

Additionally, PRIOR offer all ancillary equipment, including gas / oil valve trains, oil pumping / heating equipment, combustion air fans with compensator and combustion control systems. PRIOR Air Register Burners can also be supplied with Oxygen Trim and Variable Speed Drive systems, ensuring optimal combustion, lower emissions and reduced fuel and electricity costs for the end user.

Flame Shaping Capability

The combustion air register fitted to the heads of these burners allows the user to adjust both the length and diameter of the flame to suit the dimensions of the combustion chamber.

Summary of PRIOR Air Register Burner Models

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