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Prior Industries Australia designs and manufactures virtually all control equipment needed for the operation of your combustion system. PRIOR can supply reliable and robust control systems for:

  • Combustion control and flame scanning
  • Temperature control
  • Furnace air pressure control
  • Combustion air anti-surge control
  • Air flow control
  • Boiler control
  • Pulse firing control
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Depending on customer needs, PRIOR can develop a wide variety of control systems ranging from a simple burner control panel through to integrated PLC controls and the latest microprocessor control systems. All PRIOR combustion control systems conform with the relevant safety standards, and are designed to customer specifications. Combustion control systems can be supplied either as stand alone units or for interfacing with the customer’s distributed control system.

Digital Combustion Management

PRIOR offer the latest Digital Combustion Management technology. The primary advantage of this system is that all aspects of combustion management are now controlled by a single module. This results in reduced costs to the customer, not only for the initial purchase of the system, but also for commissioning and servicing. Other advantages include:

  • The fuel / air ratio control is set and controlled with digital precision. The optimal combustion values can be preset and continually reproduced, resulting in fuel savings and minimal emissions
  • Electronic Compound Regulation - the Can Bus controls the servomotors (air damper, oil regulator, gas butterfly and mixing head), each of which is fitted with its own microprocessor, and driven by a highly accurate stepping motor
  • User friendly operation - all necessary external components connect with plug in terminal blocks. The control and display unit can be mounted anywhere within 100 metres of the module via Can Bus cable
  • Choice of flame monitoring
  • Integrated valve proving
  • Integral capacity controller
  • Integral speed control
  • Easy to connect O2 module for O2 trim
  • Flexible communication possibilities through a variety of interfaces
  • Remote operation, fault diagnosis and plant monitoring

Contact us for further details.

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