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Developed by our engineers to fulfil precise combustion requirements, PRIOR High Turn-Down Combustion Systems are suitable for various applications, both pressurised and non-pressurised. Such aspects as accurate combustion ratio control throughout the entire firing range, very wide turn-down ratios, increased burner capacities and improved flame control are all prominent features of the High Turn-Down Burner range.

At the centre of the PRIOR High Turn-Down Combustion System is a PRIOR On-ratio Burner, capable of providing single lever control of fuel and air. PRIOR has expanded on this concept by the addition of ancillary equipment, enabling dramatically increased maximum throughput of fuel and air, while only marginally increasing the burner capacity at low fire.

Despite the additional amount of equipment that increased burner turn-down requires, the entire PRIOR High Turn-Down Combustion System is still controlled by the operation of only a single lever. All components are designed to interlock mechanically, and operate from the actuation of the burner; this results in a significant saving when compared with systems requiring multiple electric, hydraulic or pneumatic actuators and controllers. There is also the added benefit of fewer required PLC modules.

Like all PRIOR equipment, the High Turn-Down Combustion System has been designed to endure arduous conditions. Extensive use has been made of stainless steel, especially in those areas subject to heat. The burner nozzles in particular are cast machined AISI 310 grade stainless steel.

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Prior SSB07 Heavy Oil Burner

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Nozzle View

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Oil Valve View

PRIOR High Turn-Down Combustion Systems are operating successfully in air heaters, boilers, vaporisers, reduction furnaces, gasifiers and various other heavy industry installations.

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Prior SSB07 and Plenum Chamber

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