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Established in 1970, Prior Industries Australia design, supply, install and commission combustion systems and associated equipment for projects worldwide. PRIOR has extensive experience in the design and supply of combustion systems for mineral processing, particularly Nickel, Copper and Aluminium. In addition, we service
clients from a diverse range of industries such as Food Processing, Petro-Chemical, Power Generation, Textile, Brick, Ceramic, Cement, Glass and Asphalt. Our OEM clients include manufacturers of furnaces, boilers, smelters, kilns, dryers, calciners and incinerators.

PRIOR’s range of products and services include:

  • PRIOR High Turndown Heavy Oil Fired Burner Systems
  • Cuenod Gas, Oil and Dual Fuel Burners, for applications ranging from 15 kW to 45 000 kW
  • PRIOR Gas, Oil and Dual Fuel Register Burners, for applications up to 56 000 kW
  • Hotwork Industrial and Furnace Burners, suitable for high temperature applications
  • Custom designed Combustion Systems for special fuels and applications
  • Packaged systems, including Crucible / Ladle Heating Systems, Aluminium Reduction Cell and Cathode Block Pre-heating, Hot Gas Generators and Air Heaters
  • Combustion Control Systems and Automation
  • Ancillary equipment, including Oil and Gas Valve Trains, Oil Pumping and Heating Systems and Combustion Air Fans
  • Refractory supply and consultancy services, including combustion chamber design
  • Process engineering consultancy
  • Installation, Commissioning and after sales service


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In accordance with our ongoing commitment to the provision of quality combustion equipment, PRIOR is pleased to advise that in March 2006, our Quality Assurance system was audited and confirmed to be in compliance with international standard ISO 9001 : 2000.



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