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Prior Industries Australia designs, manufactures and supplies a variety of combustion ancillary equipment, engineered to individual applications. Our sub-systems are pre-assembled on our premises for quality assurance through shop testing procedures.

Valve Trains and Oil Pumping/Pre-Heating Systems

PRIOR offer burner and pilot valve trains suitable for a wide variety of fuels, (such as Natural Gas, LPG, Bio-Gas, Waste Gas, Naptha, Kerosene, Diesel and Heavy Oil) at various supply pressures. Special applications include valve trains for Oxy-fuel, Inert Gas and Land Fill Gas Power Generation. All valve trains are fully compliant with relevant Australian or overseas standards.

Prior Heavy Oil Valve Train

Prior Gas Valve Train to suit 5 000 kW Burner

Prior Pilot Gas Valve Train

Additionally, PRIOR supply Oil Pumping and Pre-Heating Systems to suit various types of combustion equipment, all of which provide an efficient, dependable supply of fuel at the correct atomizing viscosity. Systems include factory assembled pump and motor sets, electric or steam suction oil heaters, and electric or steam oil line heaters. Alternatively, systems can be custom designed. Pre-packaged oil supply units are skid mounted for installation, and can be supplied with simplex or duplex pump arrangements, with or without filtration as required.

Combustion Air Blowers

PRIOR design and supply blowers, customised to suit your application. A large range of discharge and inlet pressures is available with a wide variety of volume capacities. We cater for extensive variations in operating conditions: hot or cold air, dirty environments, domestic or foreign electrical supplies. PRIOR offer a complete range of accessories and controls including:

  • Filters - essential for protecting blowers and downstream equipment
  • Silencers - to satisfy environmental and occupational health/safety concerns whilst minimising air flow resistance

click to see larger image

click to see larger image
  • Blower brakes and Shaft Locks - to stop blowers and prevent them from free-wheeling when in service but not running
  • Blower Control Panels
  • Anti-Surge Equipment for minimizing damaging pulsation in air lines
  • Shut off Dampers - Butterfly or Knife Valves with virtually any actuation required
  • Control Dampers - Louvre, Butterfly or Knife Valves, again with almost any type of actuation

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